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Talking about business feels easier than talking about relationships. Relationships can be far less predictable and often emotional. In this episode, Kristin explores the personal topic of excelling in family relationship goals. Kristin and her sister Amy Hoelscher reflect on growing up and now raising children of their own. They explore what it means to be a good mom, how to manage priorities, how to handle emotions and challenging days, and how to adjust to your new normal as a working mom.

Whether you are focused on growing your business or growing yourself as a mama, write down your goals to get super clear on what you want and why you want it. Visit and sign up to receive Kristin’s Breakout Plan to learn how to plan, prioritize and progress towards your most meaningful goals. L Learn how to plan, prioritize and progress .

Episode Highlights

09:19 – Everyone has a different belief of what is a good mom. No one has made a book that says this is how you should be, how you do this. My definition of being a good mom is that a good mom is always there for your child, always puts their child first.

13:27 – Today, it's hard not to compare. Social media is dangerous for that. After I had my son, I needed to figure out what worked for me and my husband, and I needed to figure out what worked for us together.

16:40 – If I am frustrated and overwhelmed, that vibe is pushing back on my kids. I take a deep breath and remove myself from the situation before I get too frustrated. I have found that working out helps relieve some stress.

21:38 - Work and being a mom is one of the hardest things, and personally, work makes me a better mom. I can value the time that I have with my children. But my biggest advice is routine.

28:55 - I have lots of goals. One in particular is being more of a Yes mom. I say No more times than I would like to admit. Why do I say no all the time?


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