Empty Nest Full Pockets with Matt Meline Sr., CFP®


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We've all heard of Empty Nest and for some, even held some anxiety about what it may entail. Unknowns can feel uncomfortable. In this Aging GreatFULLy power-hour of enlightYOUment, we discover the beauty of filling life and that nest with bounteous dreams and perhaps even lining your pockets.
We welcome author Matt Meline Sr., CFP®, Founder and CEO of PrairieFire Wealth Planning, who joins us to share not only his 30 years’ experience in the financial services field, but also how he's helped thousands of people focus on their dreams and values and how he faced his own Empty Nest journey. It was after experiencing that, he decided to write a book to help prepare others for the emotional and financial experiences ahead.
He understood that empty nest was a life cross road and he wanted to be a symbolic flag holder, showing others which roads to take, sharing a road map and guide book as they navigated the journey ahead. He takes them on a fun road trip rich with tips, wisdom, and experience from one whose been there and done that – bumper sticker and all to prove it – on the back of the minivan – he’s putting up for sale. Yes, he even discusses that!
Aging Rebels will so enjoy this candid convo as Matt sheds light on myth busting, FOMO, the emotional side of having university-bound kids and how to deal with what you're feeling all the while. From downsizing to feeling crushed in between that sandwich generation, we cover it all! It's an authentic dialogue with great advice that every parent can benefit from and our time together is a reflection of what is found between the pages of his book, Empty Nest Full Pockets.
In addition to helping people achieve their financial goals and dreams, Matt Meline Sr., CFP® founded PrairieFire in 2019 during his own empty nester journey. Inspired by the idea of a Prairie Fire sparking new growth by clearing remnants of the past, Matt’s approach helps families strip away old financial beliefs and preconceptions they’ve built up over time so they can focus on the goals that matter most with a clear, renewed sense of purpose. Matt believes in a life founded on passion, purpose and dreams and even talks about the importance of a having “fun jar!”
To learn more about him, his work, or purchase his book, Empty Nest Full Pockets, also available at your favorite book retailers, visit him at www.prairiefirewealth.com.
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