Renoites LIVE - Cosmic Hearts on Sound Healing and Sound Baths


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Recorded live at Black Rabbit Mead Company in Downtown Reno, this bonus episode is the second of a series in collaboration with the 4th Street Art Project. The last Wednesday of each month, several venues on East 4th Street will feature art related events, including live tapings of Renoites at Black Rabbit Mead. Please come join us for the next one!

On this week's episode, recorded live July 27, Conor welcomes the sound healing collective Cosmic Hearts. The collective hosts group sound healing events called sound baths, as well as working individually in the world of holistic wellness. Cheryl Bowers does body work, massage, and Acutonics sound healing. Jonny Cosmic is creator the Chakra Village art installation featured at festivals around the country and a 20-year didgeridoo player. And Chaz Allen performs energy healing and operates Healing One, a facility which provides various wellness services including sensory deprivation float tanks.

Conor and the members of Cosmic Hearts talk about their various wellness practices and experiences, what a sound bath is and how it works, the difference between music of entertainment and music for healing, the Wim Hoff method of extreme exposure to cold, how breath work overlaps with playing instruments like the didgeridoo, sensory deprivation and meditation, energy healing, and more!

This episode also features a live musical performance of what to expect at a Cosmic Hearts sound bath and an audience Q&A.

Cosmic Hearts' next event is Sunday, July 31. Cosmic Brunch will be held at Cypress in Midtown Reno and tickets are available for a sliding scale fee on Eventbrite at this link:

Thank you so much for listening, and please come to the next Renoites live recording at the end of August! Renoites will also be returning with another full season of regular episodes beginning August 30.

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