Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell on Racial Issues in Medicine


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Shortly after starting this podcast, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, I met my friend Elizabeth for coffee because she had some great suggestions for Renoites guests. The first person she told me about was Dr Bayo Curry-Winchell, Medical Director for St. Mary's Urgent Care and Carbon Health. She told me that Dr. BCW (as she is often called) would be the perfect guest to discuss not only the pandemic but other hugely important issues of public health.

I am so glad to finally have Dr. BCW join me on the podcast. In this episode, we spoke about some of the challenges people of color face in receiving proper treatment from our medical systems, and the ways we can make things better.

Some of the topics include disparate diagnoses and treatment protocols based on race, distrust of the medical system and government, communication styles and credibility, developing trusted sources for medical information, and much much more.

This was an excellent conversation and I'm grateful to have had Dr. BCW on the show.

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