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As regular listeners know, the format of the Renoites podcast is generally long form interviews lasting about an hour. I really like this format because it lets me get into more substantive discussions and learn a lot. This episode is a little different, and is the third of 5 bonus episodes recorded at Northern Nevada Pride on 7/23/22 in Reno, Nevada.

At the festival, I set up a mobile recording studio with big comfy chairs and invited friends, former guests, folks from various nonprofits, and even a couple passersby to sit down and record quick interviews to share what they do and the things that matter to them.

Each of these five bonus episodes will contain a handful of mini interviews. I'm very grateful to everyone who took some time to sit down and chat at the festival and am excited to share these conversations with you.

Bonus Episode 3 features:

Jaci Goodman is the publisher of Edible Reno-Tahoe, a bi-monthly magazine all about food and drink in Northern Nevada and the surrounding area. Jaci talked about the story of how she came to live in Reno and run the magazine with her partner, the similarities she found between Reno and her original home state of Texas, and the excitement of having a Pride Festival this year that wasn't plagued by wildfire smoke!

Niki Rubarth and Denise Hund from the Alzheimer's Association were previously on the podcast (you can hear their full episode here) and stopped by the booth to catch up and remind us about the Walk to End Alzheimers, happening this year on October 8. Find out more and sign up at this link:

Holly Welborn is another former guest of the show (and a great family friend) who stopped by to catch up. Holly was previously Policy Director of the ACLU of Nevada, and you can hear her episode of Renoites about her work in that role and incarceration issues in Nevada by clicking here. Now, she's working with the special public defender's office in an important new role that lets her see the policy efforts of the ACLU in action.

Jessica Adams is the creator of the Instagram account @blcbitesandbevs and a passionate advocate for Reno's food and drink scene and local small businesses. This year, she partnered with Yelp Reno for a Pride fundraiser that included businesses all over town donating a portion of proceeds from special items to OUR Center LGBTQ+ community center.

Henry Sotelo is a candidate in the upcoming election for a seat on Reno's Municipal Court. In this mini interview, Henry explains the responsibilities of seat 4 on the municipal court (it's the court for misdemeanor crimes) and his history of public service including many years of teaching law at TMCC.

Thank you so much for listening! This is the third of 5 bonus episodes. I hope you enjoy this change of pace and different format. Let me know what you think at

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