Do people know they are frauds?


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Do people who promise greatness and deliver nonsense know they are frauds or do they believe they are doing good work?

In coaching, marketing and PR big promises and near zero delivery are more common place than not. It also happens in the trades; construction, plumbing/heating/HVAC, car maintenance and even in finance and wedding planning.

The question I am too often asked is, "How do I choose someone honest who can and will do what they say?" That is a conversation for a different Quick Hits.

Today I wondered about whether people realize they are lying, selling a bill of goods they can't deliver, or if they naively believe they doing right by their customers.

Daniel T Gramkee, Wayne Buckhanan, PhD and Dr. Bob Choat weighed in with their perspectives from different industries.

/Dr Robyn Rant: I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I also think people need to take honest stock in what they are offering and what their clients say the results are. I am SO tired of hearing coaches blame the client (they didn't do the work). That might be true on rare occasions. For the most part, if someone is putting down money to work with you, they want to do the work. It's your job to help them make it happen. /end rant

What do you think? Do people know they are stealing when they claim they can do something they can't?

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