#56 Chris Voss | How to earn what you're worth by nailing the negotiation conversation


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As the prices of things rise while economies contract, the ability to collaborate with others to carve out your piece of the pie will be one of the most valuable skills you have. Negotiating well will help you maintain your ability to save and invest as the prices of assets fluctuate. And this means there will be times you'll be able to buy more with less. That is why this economic season can represent a rare window of opportunity for the proactive.
In this episode, former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss takes Terry through his groundbreaking principles for preparing for any negotiation conversation. And specifically how to have conversations about increasing your pay with your employer.
Also in this episode:

  • A simple analogy that will help you overcome your anxiety and resistance.
  • Why seeking yes is less effective than eliciting 'no'
  • The one question you can ask first to ensure any conversation about pay goes your way.

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