How To Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life - With Kandis James


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Kandis James is a Dream Life Strategist
She is an author, podcast host, and Applied Mindfulness and NLP Certified Life & Success Coach. She’s also the leader of the YOLO revolution. Rooted in the fact that the only life we are guaranteed to live is the one we are currently living, Kandis helps people overcome their fears and transcend the destructive mental programming they've received during their lifetime, so they can harness the true power of their mind and finally create and live a life they love from the inside out.
Questions asked:

  • How do you define life?
  • And what was your journey about which brought you to write a book about it?
  • What is the premise, the content, and the conclusion of your book?
  • How did you become a dream life strategist?

Her Website is where you can find the programs, the book, and the podcast.
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