Creating Your Next Chapter Vision


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Do you have a vision for your next chapter? Do you know clearly what you want from your life. Can you see it?

Todays guest is Barbara Pellegrino who, as well as being a transformation coach and NLP practitioner, is a leading authority on vision board success strategies. In this episode we talk about the power of knowing what you want and having a vision for your life. A vision board can be powerful and effective tool to do that.

Creating a vision board is so much more than just sticking pretty pictures on a poster board though. Its a powerful tool that impacts your subconscious mind, your nervous system and your beliefs. We get deep into the neuroscience and the magic of how it all works together for your success.

Barb also shares her story of how she manifested her dream life through her vision board and I share how, although I have never created a vision board (which I will definitely be doing after this conversation), I have used elements of vision boarding to bring some pretty amazing thing to life.

This is a powerful episode whether you have a clear vision for your life or if you're just starting out. Barbara shares amazing tips and insights on how to make a vision board work for you.

Barbara Pellegrino is a renowned Vision Board Success Trainer. Originally trained in Mind Power, Barbara is a leading authority on Vision Board Success strategies. A certified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) facilitator & trainer, transformational life and executive coach, a master practitioner in energy leadership... and a published author with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, and Dr. Michael Beckwith in “Living in Abundance”. Since 1994 Barbara has been living a life of her dreams, beyond what she thought possible. Even though Barbara had a great career and was living a good life... her biggest dreams hadn't come true, until she started using Vision Boards. A visual representation of the way she wished her life to become. Once Barbara made her 'Treasure Map' vision board and applied the Mind Power Skills she had been teaching, that's when the real magic happened...

Barbara has been teaching HOW to harness the Universal Law of Attraction and turn dreams into reality through Vision Boards for 30 years.

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