Coffee Mug Christianity: Judgment (Audio)


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Some of you old-school O.G's will remember Tupac popularizing the phrase (and ubiquitous tattoo):"Only God can judge me" I suppose that's true... but only to a point. Lots of people mishandle the admonition of Jesus to not judge, lest you be judged. (Matt. 7:1) One tells himself: "You know, God is awesome - He really DOES give me strength. We won!" They can use it as their own "shield for sin", a barrier to keep others at arm's length from speaking into their life about moral boundaries or accountability. "Aren't we all sinners after all? What gives you the right to make moral judgments about someone else? Isn't that God's job?" That SOUNDS reasonable, doesn't it? Especially in an age of hyper-individualism but it also doesn't seem to be the full intent of Jesus's message. There's more going on here "than meets the ear". Pastor Glenn brings us Part 6 of "Coffee Mug Christianity: Bringing Clarity to Cliches"

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