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Several weeks ago I was on a Zoom call with over 50 kirtan artists to hear more about something called the Auricle Collective — this is a project spearheaded by Dave Stringer, Seán Johnson and several other Kirtan artists. Singing kirtan connects us by the thread of sacred music as a spiritual path. The goal of the Auricle Collective is to share our resources to promote & support our kirtan artists, who are making music that is participatory, devotional and that has the intention of shifting consciousness.

On the weekend of May 14 & 15, the Auricle Collective will launch an experiment designed to massively stimulate the Spotify algorithm and increase the streams and income for Kirtan artists. Your participation is important because it will help gather data about the audience for Kirtan — it will also expand the reach of this podcast. I’ll be telling you more about this as the project progresses, so stay tuned.

Through singing, we experience the Divine in ourselves, and in one another. When we join our voices together, we become a mighty force of Love that has the power to change so many things. We need this music. The world does too.

And that brings us to this edition of the podcast. It’s hard for us to imagine the horrors the brave people in Ukraine are going through these days. It’s easy to feel helpless against the wave of all that hatred. What can we do to help them? Stand in the light, do our spiritual practices, sing kirtan, and visualize a wave of Divine Love flooding over Ukraine and Russia. We can do our best to shift the energy and turn the world to love. Visualize that as you sing this set to Shiva — the Hindu deity who destroys in order to create. Om Namah Shivaya.

Thanks for listening to the podcast, dear hearts, and until next time — Namaste.



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  8. YouTube Music: 1250 streams = $1 (.0008 per stream / 10K streams = $8.00 )

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