Our spinal cord is literally central to our experience of being alive. - Dr. Joie Mazor


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QUOTE of the Day: Our spinal cord is literally central to our experience of being alive. - Dr. Joie Mazor

In this episode of “My Love of Life Energy,” I am honored to be speaking with Dr. Joie who is a Network Chiropractor at Sojourn Wellness Center in California. Her work has deeply transformed my life. I am thankful for the feeling of love, spaciousness, curiosity, and wonder and I’m certain you will feel it too.

Dr. Joie Mazor DC is a mover and a shaker. The story goes that she danced right out of the womb. She has spent her life immersed in the art of communication through movement. Whether it be dance or a variety of somatic bodywork modalities, Dr. Joie is committed to creating deeper connection and aliveness for individuals and our whole community. Dr. Joie’s first experience with Network Care was when she was 7 years old. She knew then that she liked how peaceful her family was after getting adjusted together. (And it was fun to hop up on the table.) She was re-introduced to Network and Re-Organizational Healing in 2009. This time she was running a busy bodywork practice within a wellness center offering Re-Organizational Healing. What Dr. Joie saw was dancing merged with healing, and terrific results. She noticed that the people in her bodywork practice who were also under Network Care were achieving fluid, efficient and complex improvements- well beyond anything they’d ever thought possible. Dr. Joie was compelled to take the next step and become a Network Practitioner herself. Dr. Joie graduated with clinical and academic honors from Life West in 2014 and has been enjoying practice ever since! “Being healthy is not just the state of one person’s body, but truly is measured by the whole interconnected web of life.”

For more information on Dr. Joie Mazor please visit: www.SojournWellness.com


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