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Welcome to Melanated Grapes, a podcast by The Guilty Grape, a wine-centered lifestyle brand created by Nichelle and Nicole Nichols. These twin somms from Chi-town know the wine industry like the notes from whatever is swirling around in their glasses, and they are ready to bring you into a world of good food, drinks, influencers, famous vineyards, and everything in between. Cheers!
We mentioned that all who download Episode 3, leave a review on Goodpods and ApplePodcasts will have a chance to walk away with a guilty prize from the twins!
For all further questions related to prize-winning eligibility and inquiries, leave a message at or
The twins, Nichelle and Nicole, have great news, they just received Cosmopolitan Magazine's Most Giftable Wine Award 2021 for this holiday season. See the link below.
Cosmopolitan Magazine:
Please see the show notes below for music selections, recipes, contacts, facts, and everything else from each episode, segments, guests, and locations:

Thank you to the great artist that created these fantastic beats!


Trap Hamza by Arulo

Talk Breaks:

Lil Sky Beat by Makaih Beats

Come Over by Makaih Beats

2020 Vision by Makaih Beats

Fanning Out Moment:

April Johnson and Sharon Cao

(Unfortunately, in our episode, we mispronounced the name, Sharon Cao. We apologize! Sharon, we love you here at Melanated Grapes)


Sip & Serve:
Boozy Tequila Coconut Lime Pops


- 4 Tablespoons warm water

-1 teaspoon light guava

-1 (15) Ounce canned coconut milk

-3 lime zest and juice

-1 Ounce Cointreau

-5 Ounce Tequila Blanco


  1. First, add four tablespoons of warm water and one teaspoon of light guava to a mixing bowl. Whisk to combine until the agave melts.
  2. Next step, add one can (15) ounce coconut milk to a bowl/cylinder. Whisk to combine. Add the zest and juice of 3 limes, 1-ounce oz Cointreau, and 5 oz Tequila Blanca. Whisk to combine thoroughly.
  3. Have your popsicle mold ready, then pour the mix into the mold. Then place your popsicles in the freezer for 6 to 8 hours, after which, remove, and serve.


Guilt Trip:

Whiskeys Dallas

Location: Lounge

835 Exposition Ave, Dallas, Texas


Our Favorites:
@yellowrosedistilling (Yellow Rose)
IG: @smokewagonbourbon (Smoke Wagon)

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