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Motivated by confidence and resistant to failure," is how Jessie Jalee Blake pursues her goals and firmly upholds her objectives. Born in an extremely large family, standing out from the rest of her siblings was not difficult because of Jessie Jalee's humorous personality and imagination. Although her upbringing was challenging, she countered some of her obstacle through music, dance and when she would beat the dresser with two combs as if it was a full drum kit. One of her musical inspirations is "Shelia E", which inspired Jessie Jalee to attempt a real set of drums at an early age. Although she obtained a BA in Accounting ,MBA, and more. Jessie's passion for the entertainment world would not subside. October, 2007, Jessica enrolled in a series of classes to pursue a career in acting and gain knowledge of film, commercial, episodic, and other areas. Pastor Brown, directed by Rockmond Dunbar, is one of the first roles that Ms. Blake accepted as a church member. Soon after, another opportunity was granted for Jessie Jalee to be an extra in a movie with Forrest Whitaker. Jessie flew to New Orleans to be an extra, but ended up being a security guard in the film Hurricane Season, which allowed more exposure. Blake's life experiences are an inspiration to numerous individual, which her book "Becoming a Lady: Misguided"(Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and more)reveals various aspects of her life. Furthermore, she encourages young men and women to never let the fear of failure stymie their dreams and aspirations. To further elaborate, "Success is given to us by default, but sometimes people choose or are forced to change the default settings. However, the settings could change back to default at any time." With that said, she remains focused, motivated, and determined to show people that obstacles could be turned into success stories.

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