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Hello Everyone! On the podcast Cody and Nikki were having topics about PC building and some recommendations to get a prebuilt one or just build one in general. Well Cody needs to build a PC to see how the FPS and more really goes for the future! Nikki has been playing on her PC for years and prefers playing on that more than console for sure. Since also cars are getting cheap and some are high, they talked about how muscle cars are interesting to look at and have beauty to see. Cody is trying to get a new car and that will be a tough road for him. We know that 60's Camaro's are Nikki's favorite kind of cars and she will explain why. There will be a lot of social medias to follow DOWN BELOW! Check Out This Streamers Instagram/Twitch/TikTok - @kruzadar | Mark's Twitch - @ThatEmoKidMark | Nikki's Instagram - @niklynn_88 | Cody's Instagram - Turninghopess | Twitter/TikTok - Turninghopes

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