Paige (bb calico) - Realization Of 2021 - Anime - Future With Streaming - Past Lessons (PART 1)


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Hello everyone! Our guest today is someone who knows Cody a little well and her name is Paige aka (bb calico). The whole podcast will be about how the personalities are actually kind of the same as everyone in the group. Lets wish 2021 can have be a big change for the world with this pandemic. Also if your an anime fan, finding new ones if they are small or long is still amazing to do. Theirs no problem being an anime fan by the way. Paige may have some plans for streaming in the future and that's exciting to hear! Its amazing to know that the past mistakes can change to strength and that's the whole podcast was saying about their stories. Paige's social medias will be below! Twitch - babycalico Instagram - bbcalico Youtube - bb calico

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