1 Hour Relaxing Water Sound, Nature Sound for Sleep Insomnia


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Can't sleep, suffering from Insomnia or just need to relax? The sound of water in this video will help. This is a static scene and the repetitive visual and nature sound featured in the video will help to create a rhythm to relax your mind and help you enter a more relaxed state. Exposure to nature is very effective at helping to relax the mind and body and whilst direct exposure to nature is best even exposure to videos has been proven to be effective. While watching this video take some time to explore the scene before you. Notice the moss covered rock in the centre of the frame, if you look closely you can see water dripping off it. Take a few moments to close your eyes and visualise those drops hitting the water, think about the sound they make as they hit the water. Looking toward the back of the scene you can see the river as it comes into the scene. On the right side of the scene are the beautiful purple flowers of the rhododendron tree, whilst this makes for a beautiful sight the rhododendron is not native to Ireland and is an invasive species. This video was shot in the Killarney National Park in County Kerry Ireland. This is the Torc river just below the famous Torc waterfall. I hope that you find this video useful for helping you to relax and get to sleep, let me know in the comments. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/islander/message

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