Jack Wolf, The Disciplined Trader


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Jack Wolf began his career as a neurosurgeon, being one of the youngest Doctors to graduate from North Western University in 1987. From medical school, Jack went straight into the Air Force, where he sustained a serious back injury while saving the lives of his crew in a bomb accident. The Air Force considered his actions so heroic he was given the Air Force Commendation Medal for valor. Jack was unable to return to his medical practice after his injury and thus began his new career as a trader. Today Mr. Wolf continues to trade and teaches others to trade successfully using a proprietary high-frequency trading model that he developed and licenses to select clients Mr. Wolf can show you how to open an account, trade successfully, and keep profits, all with a brokerage or bank that is financially sound. The brokers and banks he works with won’t take advantage, in the millions of unseen ways that brokers and banks can. 12 years running, Mr. Wolf has developed a model that if followed exactly, will yield daily profits, and a high enough return to overcome any freshman or sophomore mistakes, missteps or secondary deviance. You will often hear the word discipline during your time with Mr. Wolf. Pay attention; it is in a word a self-described philosophy. Mr. Wolf now spends his time trading, coaching traders, but mostly with his family on The Maresme Coast in Europe.

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