7/5/22: Joey Chestnut is Potentially a Trained Operator, and Singapore is Drinking Toilet Beer


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On today’s show… Joey Chestnut gives potentially his best performance of all time at the Nathans Hot Dog eating contest when he took out a protestor on one leg, mid-contest (00:17:00); Singaporean brewery is making beer with toilet water (00:31:30); and MUCH more…

(00:00:00) - Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

(00:07:20) - Best 4th of July Songs… and Sadly another Mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois

(00:15:15) - Rihanna is Officially the Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire

(00:17:00) - Cream of the Crop = Joey Chestnut, on one leg, HANDLES a Meat Protestor at the 4th of July Hot Dog Contest and Still Wins Comfortably

TikTok International Moment

(00:29:50) - Leeds United Update #MOT

(00:31:30) - Singapore - “NEWBrew” is a new beer in Singapore and it’s made with Toilet Water

(00:34:25) - Thailand - 2 Women Discovered at Airport with 109 Animals in Luggage + Reno Raven Rescue

(00:37:20) - Ukraine - Putin claims victory in Luhansk after taking last city in region, while Ukraine retakes Snake Island

(00:39:40) - Spain - EasyJet flight got intercepted by F-18 over Social Media bomb threat

Death Row Hail Mary

(00:42:40) - Death Row Inmate in Texas offers to Donate Kidney to get 7 more months of life

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