Homelessness in America: What's Working, What's Not


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Homelessness is America's national shame, a problem that we out to be able to solve in the wealthiest country in the world. There has been a growing awareness of the many factors that contribute to homelessness and a determination from political leaders, including our current president, to end homelessness in America. And yet, homelessness remains an intractable problem and in some of our biggest cities seems to be growing even more acute. So are any of the currently applied solutions working? And is there a realistic prospect of ending homelessness in America anytime soon? Dr. Stephen Eide is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor of City Journal. He researches social policy questions such as homelessness and mental illness. Eide has written for many publications, including National Review, the New York Daily News, New York Post, New York Times, Politico, the Wall Street Journal.

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