GWTG #10: Office Hours?


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You can’t be ethical until you’ve fully examined and understood both sides of any issue.
Few things in life are black and white. That’s why we have to learn to Grapple with the Gray.
This episode's ethics challenge:
I bumped into my neighbor, a doctor, one morning and asked him about a chronic problem that was flaring up. He suggested I try a couple of over-the-counter products and schedule an appointment with him in his office a month later in case the OTC medicines didn’t help.
I saw him again a couple of weeks later and told him that my symptoms had abated. In that case, he said, I didn’t need to come in to see him.
He then asked me not to cancel my appointment. He assured me that I wouldn’t be charged for missing the visit. However, his group required him to see a minimum number of patients each week, and if I kept my appointment scheduled that would lighten his workload.
His request put me in a quandary. Was it ethical of him to ask me not to cancel an appointment I no longer needed? If not, would it be ethical for me to become his conspirator in doing just that?
Join this week's panel: Dr. Adam Martin, Dr. Margarita Gurri, and Mariah Edgington, as we grapple with the gray.

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