#248 Gordon Ryan Vs Felipe Pena 3 for $100,000 Recap


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This week on the show Maine and Rob recap Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 3 at WNO.
In the news section of the show we discuss the death of Leandro Lo over the weekend and briefly speak about his accomplishments and contributions to the sport, as well as some of his greatest matches.
In the recap section of the show we discussed the main event of Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena 3 that ended by a verbal tap after a pass. We discussed the Circumstances surrounding the match including some potential behind the scenes drama in connection with Leandro Lo’s death, Pena mental state going into the match and want for the match to be shorter. We discussed the no-time limit factor that saw the pacing of the match remain slow early and saw long stretches of 50-50 work from Pena, and passing attempts from Gordon. We also discussed some of the take down sequences from Gordon, And went in-depth on what a potential rematch under ADCC rules looks like and how Gordon Vs Andre Galavo may look in the ADCC Superfight.
In the recap of Nicholas Meregali vs Rafael Lovato Jr. We discussed the implementation of Nichola’s wrestling and how he was able to put Lovato into the guard and on his back and work his passing on his way to a very clean Unanimous decision.
In Mica Galvao vs Alan Sanchez we discussed the great counter Guillotine foot sweep takedown that Mica hit in the opening sequence of the match; that then led to the guard passing and long controlling Mount sequence that has been more of the same from Galvao. Then we discussed the lightning transition to the back and double arm trap that led to the Rear-naked Choke submission.
In Beatriz Mesquita vs Elisabeth Clay We discuss the developments in Clay's stand-up game and some of the leg entries on display. We also discussed how closely contested the match was and the strength training Clay has been doing.
In Jacob Couch vs Jay Rodriguez We discussed Jacob couch Kimura sweep Mount and ability to control the match from Bell to Bell with his top pressure and tenacity in holding the Kimora from guard. In what will be absolutely a signature win for the up-and-coming grappler.
In Fabricio Andrey vs Fabian Ramirez We discussed some of the counter wrestling on display and a few very big throws that Fabricio was able to hit on Ramirez as well as a very tight leg lock entry from Ramirez using at the knee control for the leg lock.
In Diogo Reis vs Estevan Martinez We discussed the controlling pressure that Reis used to slow down Estevan as well as some of the Fantastic defense especially to the arm triangle that Martinez employed throughout the smash.
In the preview section of the show we discussed Midwest Finishers 8, and Hudson valley Invitational 4.
In the outro section of the show Maine discussed the Upcoming trip to Omaha Nebraska to train with and interview John Hansen.
Recorded 8-8-2022

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