Overcoming Your Accountability Apprehension


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Many people suffer from accountability apprehension. They feel that opening themselves up to scrutiny from others will leave them vulnerable, and – sometimes – even worry that this window into their successes and failures can hold them back in any business or workplace. While this may have been true years ago, the fact is that today’s culture is one that is obsessed with personal growth, and looks favorably on individuals that take intentional measures to become better, more productive, more positive versions of themselves. Joseph Folkman, a behavioral statistician and a contributor to Forbes, says, “Personal accountability is a critical step toward improving leadership. When people are accountable for their own decisions, work, and results, the effectiveness of an organization can greatly increase.” He conducted a study of 40,000 leaders and found incredible insights into the role accountability plays in the lives of highly successful and incredibly impactful leaders. If it works for these respected, successful individuals, the rest of us should definitely stand up and take note. Accountability Breeds Trust In his study, Joseph Folkman found that, “the three pillars that build trust are positive relationships, knowledge, and consistency of leaders.” When we open ourselves up to the idea of being help accountable for our words and actions, we will become more reliable and consistent. We work to eliminate blind spots in our personal character, and thus mold ourselves into more trustworthy and dependable individuals. Knowledge is, after all, powerful, and gaining knowledge about ourselves and our habits is often best gained through outside voices speaking truth into our lives. Does this sometimes mean being vulnerable and admitting mistakes? Absolutely. But would you rather be someone that can never right a wrong, or would you like to be known as the kind of person that is willing to be humble, and to learn and grow? Truly successful individuals know that growth and personal integrity are priceless, and are willing to do what it takes to level up these areas of their lives. Accountability Leads to Increased Flexibility Going back to the study that charted the information from 40,000 business leaders, it was discovered that the most effective leaders “were good at instituting change because they were effective at the following behaviors: accepting feedback, taking on challenges, innovating, spreading optimism, showing concern, and setting clear goals.” The mark of a successful businessperson is often his or her ability to adapt when necessary. Failure to pivot well when needed can lead to business failure at a catastrophic level, whether that looks like an inability to implement change that employees require to maintain job satisfaction, or the inability to anticipate changing client needs in time to meet those needs before your competition does. Adaptability and flexibility are also a central skill set to upper-management personnel and high-performing executives. To work at that demanding level and maintain consistency, you need to be willing and able to change course easily when something isn’t working. Accountability is For Everyone There is a reason that the personal coaching industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Accountability, mentorship, and personal coaching are all buzzwords that point to the same process: that of dedicating time and energy into turning weaknesses into strengths, and strengths into unstoppable energy forces in people’s lives. Inc. online says, “When people don't take accountability, things start to go awry, if they don't feel ownership, they go into spectator mode and watch as things fail. If they thought it would fail from the outset it's even worse; they go into I told you so mode, which nearly always becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.” We all need help becoming the best possible versions of ourselves. It isn’t a sign of weakness or an admission of failure to bring people into your life that serve to lift you up and hold you to a certain standard. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Elite athletes have scores of people in their corner helping them be the best they can be. From nutritionists to trainers to mental toughness and manifestation coaches – the people that are the most effective athletes are also usually the most heavily supported. No one finds success in a vacuum. We need others around us that can help hold us accountable to the goals and standards we create. We are what we repeatedly focus on and do. Excellence is therefore more of a habit than it is an accidental achievement. 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