Ep 227 - Motivational Monday - It's Okay to Not Be Okay


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We recently did a podcast about American Ninja Warrior and on that show, a contestant was wearing an “It's okay to not be okay” shirt that led us to this podcast episode. Because so many people feel like they have to put on a happy face even if things are not. And we also talked about the impact of motivational clothing, so we brought these shirts in. When we’re having a hard day, we will wear clothes that motivate us. That is why we wanted this topic for the Motivational Monday.

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Sometimes we are not okay and it’s great to have people you are close to that are supportive in these moments. For us, Tina was one of these wonderful people in our lives. As company leaders, we sometimes have to project the leader’s role for your team even in difficult moments. Tina was a great listener, hearing our struggles and providing us with feedback that encouraged us, reinforcing that everything would be fine. Over the years, we found that our wardrobe can help motivate us and our staff. How we look can affect our mood and choosing a piece of clothing that gets us and the team excited can also help us through tough situations at work and in life. When you have a tough day or situation that manifests itself in life, it is okay to not be okay. But it is never okay to lay in bed hoping things change or put your head in the sand and ignore problems. We all have to keep going; keep getting up every day. Something as simple as wearing fun shirts on Friday in our office helps our team push themselves to perform better and focus on work before the weekend.

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