Ep 22 - How to Choose Which Investment Vehicle is Best For You


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Learn the differences between these investment vehicles to help you decide which you are the most comfortable in pursuing.
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What are you seeking, which suits your appetite the best? Which has the fastest turnaround potential? Where can you get cash flow? What about tax benefits? Which one will I have the most control over? Find out the main differences here to help you decide.

  1. Liquidity. PML is perfect for that.
  2. Trust. PML wins.
  3. Cash Flow. Turnkey, Funds, Syndications are the perfect vehicles.
  4. Tax Benefits. Turnkey, Funds, Syndications are the perfect vehicles.
  5. Growth. PML, Turnkey, Funds, Syndications all have the potential for growth.
  6. Maintenance. Learn how to make money and how to keep the money.
  7. Control. Turnkey and PML you can have some control over what we're doing.

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