802 - Keith Richards! Cyndi Lauper! Steve Miller! (plus more Keef!)


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This week: an amazing 1993 backstage chat with Keith Richards. Keith is in his glory fronting The Expensive Winos. In fact, you can almost hear the dread at the prospect of returning to The Stones! Keith talks about the joy of touring, how “God joins the band” at outdoor concerts and the time he taught Mick how to play “Gimme Shelter”. He also talks about his history in Toronto, including the time he was arrested for heroin. PLUS, at the end of the episode, we feature a bonus 1979 interview with Keith and Mick Jagger backstage after the Stones played two shows as part of Keith's sentence for the drug bust.

Cyndi Lauper is one of the most charming and fun people to be around. In 2003, she chatted with Roger Ashby and Marilyn Denis in a conversation that has to be heard to be appreciated. Cyndi talks about her influences, performing on the Cher farewell tour, and the time her 5-year-old son wandered onto the stage while she was singing.

And we finish off with a mid ‘70s interview with Steve Miller, at the peak of his popularity. Like his music, Steve is very direct in this chat. But it’s obvious he doesn’t have a lot of time for the concept of fame. He’s more worried about his chickens! He also expounds upon his theory that hippies almost ruined his beloved San Francisco.


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