6.11 - My Muses!


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Our heroes have foiled a robbery inside the Bastion of Failure and are trying to solve its mysteries. Butthole (Ryan LaPlante, @theryanlaplante) Brough one of the thieves back to life while Quinny (Tyler Hewitt, @Tyler_Hewitt) captured the ringleader without killing him and Juniper (Laura Elizabeth, @elhamstring) suggested a work release program as punishment for their crimes. What will happen now that our heroes have found the mysterious Clomp Samsonite? Find out next, on Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons! Also featuring our awesome DM Tom McGee (@mcgeetd).

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The Combat Wheelchair was created by Sara Thompson (@mustangsart) on twitter and can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ysDrH2vqKz6NSGkf3_0WX5tV-Ch_t_N_

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