Save Your Gallbladder!


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Experiencing gas, bloat and an occasional unladylike passing of gas happens to the best of us but when it happens frequently or is accompanied by nausea and right sided abdominal pain under the we'll pay attention.

Gallbladder disease develops over time. It's prominent and expected specifically outlined as we were taught in anatomy and medical school of the 5-F's: female, forty+, fetus (have children), fecal (history of constipation) and the fifth F is dreaded, fat.

If you fall into these categories and show up in an ER with upper right sided abdominal pain, BE prepared, the recommendation will be surgery. But it's doubtful it'll be emergency surgery. Yes, you'll be doubled over in pain, really bad pain, but it's all so avoidable.

Listen in as Dr. Plank discusses gas, bloat and your gall bladder health in this installment. Don't forget to check out Dr. Plank's other potential causes of gas and bloat here but if you're headed for the ER, save your Gallbladder, if you can!

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Dr. Susan

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