#55: Healing Chamber Meditation


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Welcome to Episode 55 on the Healing Chamber Meditation. This is a guided meditation recorded in the Akashic Records. In this meditation, we called upon your team of Akashic Masters and Guides, connected to the gold light from Central Sun and the crystalline white light from Mother Earth. We went through a guided visualisation to visit your temple of healing, within which your healing chamber resides. In the first part, we connected with the energies of rose quartz and Archangel Chamuel. In the second part, we connected with the energies of prehnite and Archangel Raphael. In the third part, we connected with the energies of clear quartz and called back your personal power, energy and soul parts. This meditation is useful if you want to experience and receive the energies of unconditional love and healing, release the denser energies that are out of alignment, and feel more whole & complete.
Credits to music used: Sands of Time – Ambient 432hz, Truth Seeker – Ambient 432hz, Resurrection – Ambient 432hz (Dream-Protocol)

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