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ARROW Episode Title: S07E22 "You Have Saved This City"

Emiko has spread her virus throughout the city and holds the detonator in the former Queen Consolidated building. Team Arrow, joined by Curtis, Laurel, and Ben Turner, evacuate it and disable the relay to other bombs, while Oliver confronts his sister about being better than their father. Beatrice informs Emiko that her failure to destroy Star City, while publicly exposing the Ninth Circle, has led to the council turning on her. Oliver and Emiko fight the Ninth Circle together, but Emiko is mortally wounded by Beatrice and tells Oliver to hide Felicity and their baby, before he escapes the exploding building. Oliver and Felicity announce their departure from Star City and retreat to a hideout. Following Mia's birth, the Monitor appears, demanding Oliver to hold up his part of their deal.[a] Oliver leaves with him to assist in the oncoming crisis, despite the revelation it will lead to his death. In the flashforwards, Connor and Zoe save the others. Felicity creates a computer virus that Mia and William upload to destroy Archer. The older generation leaves the younger in charge of protecting the city. After a moment with her children at Oliver's grave, Felicity leaves with the Monitor to reunite with Oliver.

THE FLASH Episode Title: S05E22 "Legacy"

Ralph saves the dagger, which Cicada then reclaims before escaping. After Thawne's plan is explained, Nora realizes she has been played and comes up with a plan to eliminate Cicada without destroying the dagger. The team tracks Cicada to her younger self where Nora enters her mind and with help from a reformed Orlin successfully convinces her to take the metahuman cure. However, the shard in Grace's head counteracts the cure, forcing Barry to destroy the dagger with the mirror gun, resulting in the adult Grace being erased while in 2049 Thawne regains his powers. The entire team confronts and fights Thawne with Barry and Nora finally subduing him. The new daggerless timeline threatens to erase Nora. Thawne escapes after revealing the only way to save Nora is for her to reenter the Negative Speed Force. However, Nora refuses to become like Thawne and is erased while hugging her parents. Sherloque returns to his Earth while Cisco takes the metahuman cure. Captain Singh gets promoted and names Joe his replacement, while also revealing he knows Barry is the Flash. Barry and Iris discover a farewell message from Nora. The date of the crisis in the future newspaper changes from 2024 to 2019.

THE Doom Patrol Episode Title: S01E14 ""Penultimate Patrol""

In 1946, Morden's girlfriend Millie leaves him after he is fired from the Brotherhood of Evil, calling him a nobody. In the present, the team's search for the Beard Hunter brings them to Danny the Street. Though afraid of Mr. Nobody, Danny reveals that Caulder is being held in a dimension called "the White Space". Vic apologizes to a recovering Silas for his attack, but Silas confesses that he altered Vic's memories of his accident. Vic's mother also survived the explosion, but Silas could only save one of them, and chose Vic. Flex transports the team to the White Space, where they each find themselves reliving the day their respective tragedies occur. Mr. Nobody offers to let them live out their lives differently if they give up their search for Caulder. They refuse, and Vic shows up and atomizes the villain. A year later, the team has become the next Doom Patrol, but they are caught in a time loop in which they keep dying. Mr. Nobody reveals this to be an illusion, and that they are all still in the White Space. He coerces Caulder to reveal the secret that Caulder is responsible for the events which gave each of them their powers

THE Doom Patrol Episode Title: S01E15 "Ezekiel Patrol"

Caulder recalls the events that led to the creation of each of the Doom Patrol members. The team goes their separate ways and attempt to integrate into society, but are summoned to Doom Manor by Danny, who has been kidnapped by Mr. Nobody. Caulder reveals why he did what he did: he was desperately searching for the means to extend his own life so that he might protect his troubled, superpowered daughter as long as possible. The team steps through a painting to rescue Danny and Caulder's daughter, who has enlarged Ezekiel and Admiral Whiskers. The two creatures have forced Mr. Nobody out and are on a rampage. The team executes Vic's plan: Rita convinces Mr. Nobody to continue his narration, which exerts control over Ezekiel and Whiskers, and the team allow themselves to be devoured by Ezekiel. Larry unleashes a nuclear blast, killing Whiskers, trapping Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter in the painting and reducing Danny from a street to a brick, but the others are protected by being inside Ezekiel. Back at Doom Manor, Vic slices open Ezekiel's abdomen and they step out, including Caulder's daughter, Dorothy Spinner.

Swamp Thing Episode Title S01E01 "Pilot"

In Bayou Swamp, three men who are hired to drop unknown cases into the marsh are attacked by the plants themselves, killing two of them. 48 hours later, the daughter of Coyle, the survivor of the attack, becomes deathly ill with a mysterious illness that begins to spread throughout Marais, Louisiana. Dr. Abby Arcane of the CDC, a former resident of the town, is sent to help treat the virus. After meeting up with childhood friend and now policeman Matt Cable, they come across Alec Holland, a disgraced scientist hired by Avery Sunderland for research. Alec believes that Sunderland's research is tied to the virus, and is investigating a mysterious mutagen accelerator found in the swamp water. After finding Coyle's body, Abby and Alec begin to investigate together. However, upon beginning tests, Coyle's body reanimates with plantlike tendrils that attack the two and his own daughter. After Alec 'kills' Coyle with fire, the two meet up with Liz Tremayne, a reporter and friend of Abby's. They are interrupted by Sunderland's wife, who angrily tells Abby to leave after helping with the virus. Later, Abby and Alec find the cases from the marsh, which are revealed to be releasing the mutagen accelerators into the swamp. While waiting for results on the accelerator, Alec and Abby bond, revealing bits of their pasts. Alec reveals that he manipulated test results in an experiment to prove his theories, and Abby reveals that she was responsible for the Sunderland's daughter's death. After getting the results, Alec departs alone to find the rest of the cases. In the swamp, Alec is shot by an unknown assailant and his boat is blown up with dynamite. Alec dies from his wounds, and the swamp begins to wrap him with vines. Abby rushes to the scene, only to be scared away by a tall, mossy creature with red eyes that emerges from the water.

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