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ARROW Episode Title:S07E21 "Living Proof"

OLIVER IS PUT TO THE TEST - Oliver (Stephen Amell) finds himself in a precarious position. SCPD shows up with a warrant for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

THE FLASH Episode Title: S05E21 "The Girl With The Red Lightning"

CICADA II MAKES HER MOVE - Team Flash is on high alert after Cicada II (guest star Sarah Carter) threatens to unleash a dangerous virus that would put all meta-humans at risk.

Doom Patrol S01E12 "Cyborg Patrol"

Silas arrives looking for a missing Vic, who the team soon realizes has been taken by the Bureau of Normalcy. Determining that Vic is being held at the Ant Farm, Silas devises a plan to rescue him, and enlists the others to help. At the facility, Vic is tortured and Grid reboots twice, further disorienting him. Silas and the team infiltrate the Ant Farm with Jane and Larry posing as agents of the Bureau bringing in Cliff as a prisoner. Darren and his team surround and subdue the team with specialized weapons, Silas having tipped them off in exchange for access to his son. Vic is furious at what Silas has done, but Silas's "betrayal" is part of the rescue plan. Rita, who has been hiding in her elastic form inside Cliff, sets him and then Larry free. Karen emerges in Jane, and uses her power to escape before Jane reemerges. They free all of the Bureau's other prisoners, creating enough chaos for them to flee. Silas and a confused Vic argue, resulting in the former's apparent death. Mr. Nobody appears, having orchestrated Grid's reboots, and taunts Vic with what he just did.

Doom Patrol S01E12 "Flex Patrol"

The team returns home after freeing the prisoners at the Ant Farm and takes Flex Mentallo, who is suffering from memory loss, with them. In 1964, Flex Mentallo is about to have a picnic with his wife Dolores but gets captured by the Bureau of Normalcy. Flex gets tortured and keeps resisting until the Bureau threatens to harm his wife. In the present, Cliff, Jane, and Larry try to restore Flex' memories and abilities, eventually deciding to reunite Flex and his wife Dolores. When Dolores disintegrates in front of Flex during their reunion, Flex lets loose of his powers in agony and causes an electrical outage over a large region. Rita deals with her guilt over the suicide of a young actress, who conceived a baby with a film producer after Rita arranged their "meeting" and was all alone. With the support of Rita, Cyborg decides to install Grid, stay with his injured father, and leave the team. Larry decides to give a new chance at life to the negative spirit and releases it, but he is slowly dying in the process. The negative spirit, however, returns to Larry. Mr. Nobody notices the team is ready to face him.

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