Sukkah 25 - August 1, 23 Av


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Today’s daf is sponsored by Rina Goldberg in memory of her mother, Gitel Bat Dovid, Gertrude Kurz z"l whose yahrzeit is on 23 Av. "Our mother was in the first graduating class of the famed Hildesheimer Yeshiva in Berlin. She succeeded in instilling her love of Torah and Yiddishkeit to her two daughters, both of whom are studying the Daf with Rabbanit Michelle. The Siyum Hashas in January 2020 was one of the highlights of my life and I was overwhelmed to participate in the Hadran from the audience."

Those on their way to perform a mitzva are exempt from sukkah as one involved in performing a mitzva is exempt from other mitzvot. This principle is derived from verses of Shema - how? A groom is exempt from shema as he is preoccupied. Is anyone who is preoccupied with something exempt from shema? Why not? How is the groom unique? The gemara questions why the principle of one who is involved in a mitzva is exempt from another mitzva is not learned out from the verses regarding those who were impure when the Pesach sacrifice was meant to be brought in the desert? In the end, it seems both verses are necessary to teach this principle - why? A mourner is obligated in all mitzvot except tefillin on the first day - why? A mourner is obligated in sukkah. Why was it necessary to teach this? A groom and his wedding party are exempt from sukakh - why?

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