Csisztu Sport Cast 4. rész (in english) - An inspiring woman - interview with Marks Spitz’s wife, Suzy Spitz, a special edition of CSC in English


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While it is a great pleasure to be featured in the current issue of Presztízs Sport Magazine with the world-famous swimmer icon, the nine-time swimmer Olympic champion, Mr. Mark Spitz, with a portrait interview, it is at least as honoring to introduce Suzy Spitz, Mark Spitz's
wife, who has been walking alongside with Mark for 46 years in the greatest harmony on their common path. Usually, no one wants to see family members, couples, and companions living in the so-called "shadow" of famous people, however, and without them there is no success.
So, I would like to focus on a woman who although might bee in the background, but definitely is not in the shade, and who underlines, that with love, devotion, attention and care you really can live a ";normal life" and raise your children in peace on the side of a famous person. They are a fantastic couple, and I believe it's worth listening to Suzy Spitz's confession in my podcast. In this special edition of the Csisztu Sport Cast you can also listen to this interview in English, in the original language and of course with Hungarian dubbing.
Attention, young Hungarian sports journalists, try to work in a foreign language as well, even if we are not native speakers, we may be able to attract the attention of the international audience with curiosity, diligence and goodwill. #csisztusportcast #sportreporter

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