388 - 2 Easy Shifts That Enable Creative Work That is More Deeply Resonant


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Productivity for Students: Study Smarter, Not Harder - Skillshare Class

Hilton Carter and Kyle Webster Help Plant Man P Design for a Split Audience - Wireframe Podcast Episode

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear - Book by Elizabeth Gilbert



Ten times the time.
Take what’s burning within you that no one seems to care about as much as you, and boil it down into something concentrated with your skillset.



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This episode is supported by Wireframe, an original podcast from Adobe. The show is for small business owners who handle all the branding, content and design on their own for their business. Each episode features one small business owner, we pair them with a mentor who has built their own successful brand and then a designer to help them execute a plan to solve their problem. Click here to check out Adobe Wireframe and listen to the new season now!

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