TOPOS & TALK#_31 Sick and Tired of Fake Real Estate Gurus


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Welcome to today's Cloud Based Real Estate Brokerage TOPOS & TALK #31- I have so many things going through my head every day about Real Estate that I just want to get it all out. I get asked so many questions about real estate every day. And, coach so many agents that it's time to answer all of those in depth questions while I sip on my Topo Chico.

In today’s episode I do a deep dive into Sick and Tired of Fake Real Estate Gurus. Aren't you tired of hearing "Real estate coaches, Gurus or experts", how amazing and effective they are? Agents call and talk to us about our YouTube training. We've sold millions of dollars worth of YouTube courses and training programs, and the reason why is because it incredibly works 100%. $150 million in the last three years has been through 100% organic YouTube. I don't even count deals that agents generate on my team that they do on their own because they keep it 100% of their own. We know a thing or two about YouTube and how to create organic inbound high quality leads. But we start hearing the same thing from agents all around the country about certain people's programs, it just starts to make you go. We know a lot of people have influence on social media. Some big people they sell courses and they're just capitalizing on things. And some of them have never even sold real estate. I saw one guy I've talked about multiple times who honored YouTube channel used to be a magician. Now he's selling courses to real estate agents. If you're sharing your YouTube channel on social media platforms or whatever it may be, you can look on the analytics and see where the traffic source is, and I always look at the external. It's the first thing I do with everyone, I look at your analytics. There's more to listen people!

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