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Welcome to today's Cloud Based Real Estate Brokerage TOPOS & TALK #14- I have so many things going through my head every day about Real Estate that I just want to get it all out. I get asked so many questions about real estate every day. And, coach so many agents that it's time to answer all of those in depth questions while I sip on my Topo Chico.

In today’s episode I do a deep dive into Think for yourself. We will talk about something that is near and dear to my heart. That gets me going probably more than anything that I've ever known in my life and that is people making decisions based on what other people think are good for them. Let's tart with me being with eXp realty. Similar to most people, I was recruited heavily by eXp agents and quite honestly 99% of them were dumpsters. They didn't approach me the right way or have conversations with me the right way, and this is what happens when people have no idea what they're doing. Yet they're doing things for themselves and what I mean by that is some people want to bring no value to people and they just want to show an opportunity to reap the rewards. The individuals that actually care truly give value to agents and actually have things to share and care about. People are the agents that win inside of this model. Now every single real estate agent out there has been recruited. We all started out a brokerage, very few of us actually walked into a brokerage and just plopped our license into the first brokerage. We came into contact with, you were in some way shape or form influence to join that brokerage, so AKA recruited. There's nothing wrong with being recruited, and quite honestly it should be a vote of confidence from your peers saying, "I see value in you is there a way to make something happen as a business owner?" Everyone in the world should be out there looking for opportunities that increase their reach, increase their influence, increase their revenue, increase their ability to impact their clients at a bigger level, influence and lead their agents at a bigger level and surround yourself by individuals that are doing this. Makes your successful success timeline happen a lot faster. You see, when I got into the game, I wanted to be surrounded by billion dollar producers, not agents that were hiding their secrets. There's more to catch here people!

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