August 16, 2022


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A sorozat szerzője: Chicago's Morning Answer, Dan Proft, and Amy Jacobson, akit a Player FM és a Player FM-közösség fedezett fel. A szerzői jogok tulajdonosa a kiadó, nem a Player FM, és a hangfájlt a kiadó osztja meg közvetlenül a saját szerveréről. A frissítések nyomonkövetéséhez koppints a Feliratkozás gombra, vagy másold be a feed URL-t egy másik podcast-appra.

0:00 - Amy returns from college drop off

13:10 - John Solomon on Hannity: FBI overcollected during raid

30:03 - Disband the CDC now?

46:50 - Dan & Amy react to LGB dropping the T

01:03:50 - Jason Hill, professor of philosophy at Depaul university, responds to Persecuting a Pro-Israel Scholar. Be sure to check out Jason’s most recent book What Do White Americans Owe Black People: Racial Justice in the Age of Post-Oppression

01:19:27 - Founder and Executive Editor of Wirepoints, Mark Glennon, assess the challenges Illinois faces and if it can claw back from the edge. Check out Mark’s latest

01:33:01 - Daniel Henninger, deputy editor of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page: Mar-a-Lago Search Shows the Swamp’s Trump Obsession. Check out Dan’s weekly column Wonder Land here

01:48:38 - Nuclear and Preventive Cardiologist, developer of both the Unified Theory of Vascular Disease and the Quadratic Blood Flow Equation for Coronary Flow Reserve, Dr Richard M Fleming, on the ineffectiveness of vaccines and what you can do to fight back against Fauci and government control. For more on Dr. Fleming visit

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