Chatterbox #293 – The history and culture of tea in the UK


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Who doesn’t love a hot cup of tea? Most countries have some kind of tea culture. However, the British think of tea as especially important to their culture. In fact, many people think of tea when they think of elements of British culture. In this Chatterbox episode, Anna talks with Andrew about her country’s relationship with tea and how important it is. So put the kettle on and sit back for an interesting conversation!

Chatterbox is a Culips series for high and intermediate English learners in which native English speakers have a conversation on an interesting topic. Listening to this series will help to improve your listening skills and to expand your vocabulary.

Fun facts

In this episode, Anna mentions that Turkey is the country with the highest consumption of tea in the world. The average Turkish person drinks 3.16 kg of tea per year, whereas people in the #2 country, Ireland, drink 2.19 kg of tea per year. Every other country surveyed consumes, on average, under 2 kg of tea per year. There must be some amazing tea in Turkey!

Expressions included in the study guide

  • To come on the scene
  • Fabric of social culture
  • [Something] tea
  • Criminal
  • Just a splash
  • To dress up

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