#11000 How Do I Know When There is Demonic Oppression? - Jimmy Akin


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Open Forum – Questions Covered: 02:34 – I’m a returning Catholic. Should I confess sins that I have recalled after a confession from my past? 08:39 – I’m a convert and my dad has fallen away. How do I help him return to the faith? 11:57 – Am I allowed to get married in a Catholic Church since my first marriage was not in the Church? Do I need to get an annulment? 16:33 – I’m on a methadone program that allows me to function. Am I sinning for consuming this? 22:00 – What is the agreement that Pope Francis has made with the Chinese Government? 28:41 – Thank you for your answer from last week! 32:20 – I’m blind and I enjoyed the Bible is a Catholic Book on Audible. It was so helpful! Do you have any other books that you’ve read for Audible? 37:57 – Why is the bible structured and punctuated the way it is? There seems to be a lot of run-on sentences. 48:24 – What are our thoughts on deliverance ministry? How should one approach someone who potentially has a demonic oppression? …

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