What Do Cattle Ranching, Artificial Intelligence (AI) And The Internet Of Things (Iot) Have In Common? With Rob Rastovich, CEO Of Thinglogix


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The internet of things (IoT) is the growing network of connected objects or devices around you. They can collect and exchange data in real time! If you're a little wary about that, don't worry because technology isn't going to conquer humanity anytime soon. But technology is stronger and faster than it has ever been. What does the internet of things mean for things like water management or farming? There are a lot of things you can use this technology for that will help humanity. Join Corinna Bellizzi as she talks to cattle farmer turned Chief Technology Officer of ThingLogix, Rob Rastovich about how IoT can change the landscape that we live in. Learn about ThingLogix and how they operate by sitting between the device manager and the business. Find out why Rob went into technology after being a cattle farmer. Discover what Rob thinks this new technology can do to solve problems in the world like water management. Learn that technology isn't the enemy and neither is your rancher.

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