Only A Small Percentage Of People Have Heard Of These 2 Types Of Unique Methods Of Investing With Debbie Liu #39


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Learn one of the most clever methods of investing in real estate that not many investors have heard of in this episode with Debbie Liu.


[01:13] Introduction

[01:53] Debbie's background and investing history

[03:18] Debbie's first step into her real estate journey

[04:08] Why subject-to is a great method for her

[05:00] Besides distress, Debbie explains other scenarios a seller would be open to a subject-to deal

[06:37] The financial plan if the seller is in a distress situation

[08:19] Spread payments or down payments?

[09:14] How Debbie finds owners with unique scenarios

[10:21] How Debbie has built out consistent referral sources

[11:47] How to uniquely network with lawyers and other referral sources

[12:47] One of the most unique ways Debbie invests in real estate

[15:27] Debbie explains how to get money to invest from a life insurance policy

[17:42] The life insurance company that Debbie recommends

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