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From the blog, Clementine reads this piece. *** I am missing the meditation hall and its stillness. The hall I am imagining is the one at the Vipassana retreat center near Yosemite. The sound of the small gongs wake me at 4:30. I walk through foggy darkness, following shadows of the other meditators making their way. Small lights line the path that in the daytime is marked with single daffodils. The walk smells like California, pine and sage and sumac and wet leaves, and the hall smells a particular way. The best way I can describe it is stillness. The meditation mat is my little square of real estate, home base for ten days. I have a big blanket to wrap myself up. In the dark of the morning, the hall is dimly lit, and it is a challenge to sit and practice with the body remembering bed. In the morning meditation can be dreamy, and it is a challenge to keep focused. Time stands still, until the sound of chanting, and the gongs signaling breakfast.

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