Andrew Schulz | Before They Were Famous | Best Stand Up Comedian Of Our Generation


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American stand-up comedian, actor and podcaster, Andrew Schulz was raised in the Big Apple and grew up a fan of comedy, but he never actually considered entering the field himself until being encouraged to take to the stage at a restaurant he managed during an open-mic night. After this seminal moment, Andrew would return to New York City, dead-set on making a name for himself in stand-up. Over the course of the past few years, he’s done just that, establishing himself as one of North America’s most promising comedians. But just because a large audience loves his take-no-prisoners approach, doesn’t mean everybody does, and with comedy being put on the watch more than ever in today’s political climate, Andrew has been forced to take drastic measures to keep his work uncensored. Thankfully, this guy’s so talented that he turns hurdles into gold mines. Want to hear one of the first jokes he ever wrote? Then keep watching our newest episode of Before They Were Famous!

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