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I interrupt our regular programming for a special update.

Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes at Rask.

Proper financial education is nearly impossible in Australia for the masses. We wanted to address that.

Every day we check our total enrolments as a sign of hope, pride and achievement. Recently, we crossed 16,000 students enrolled in Rask courses. A massive achievement for us at Rask. That’s 16,000 families who have been positively impacted by our sensible, optimistic, focused strategies to help them out of debt and into long-term investing.

Many of the courses on Rask are free. And we’ve just launched our biggest cluster of courses called Rask Roadtrip. It’s a series of 6 online short courses, covering investing for the first time, saving on tax, repaying debt, the psychology of feeling more positive about money, and a crash course anyone can use to understand and sort out their Super. These are all completely free.

I say again - the Rask Roadtrip is entirely free. They are in addition to heaps of other free resources.

If you’re worried about your mortgage or want to buy a property, take our debt course and property 101 course.

Or if you want to invest for the first time but don’t know how we teamed up with Equity Mates for the official get started investing course.

If you want to grow your wealth and do it in an informed way, our ETF investing course is the most popular course we have, teaching you the essentials of ETF investing. I think it’s the most popular ETF course in Australia.

If you’re worried about interest rates on your car loan, have credit cards up eyeballs, loans to family or friends or maybe even Buy Now, Pay Later from Afterpay or Zip — take our debt course. It’s part of Rask Roadtrip. We’ll teach you the two easiest ways to pay down debt and get free help from an expert.

The big reason I want to celebrate these milestones is that the world of long term investing is actually a very positive place, filled with opportunity and value creation. And learning to avoid the doomsayers and toxic armchair experts on tv or on social media is hard.

And right now, more than I’ve seen in the past 10 years, things are scary for a lot of our family and friends. Job security, higher debt repayments and falling property and share prices are scary. ANZ and Finder research shows the number one stresser is a mortgage repayment, followed by groceries. I don’t think I’ve eaten an iceberg lettuce in 2022.

Despite all the doom and gloom, you should know that you’re not alone. Our podcasts, memberships, free courses and online resources are here to support what is usually a solo journey.

I get to speak to nearly 100,000 investors through these podcasts. But I also speak with dozens of Australia’s biggest fund managers, professional sporting teams, parents, private investors and folks pursuing FIRE. Everyone I talk to recognises the need for high quality education.

Even if you don’t need to take a course on personal finance, chances are a friend, colleague or family member does. Please share any of our resources with your family and friends, knowing that it’s genuine and we’re not going to lead your loved one down the garden path.

If you want to support us in other ways, review and subscribe to the podcast. Or talk to us about getting our courses and workshops into your company, social events or online. In the past year I’ve done talks for sporting teams, University clubs, Google Australia, major telcos & more. Our beginner level courses are free to not for profit groups and sporting clubs.

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