📈 ASX share review: Xero Limited (ASX: XRO)


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Ready for an ASX deep dive?

Welcome back to another episode of Shares Month 2022 on The Australian Finance Podcast! This month is all about how to analyse stocks like a pro.

In today’s episode we’re going to take a deep dive into a huge Australian tech company, and apply all the skills we’ve gathered from our share investing checklist. No surprises, Xero is an extraordinary success story, making life easier for business owners and accountants globally.

Owen & Raymond apply the share investing checklist to Xero, and take listeners through what the company does, who runs the show, key competitors, the company’s moat and a quick look at the books.

Before we start please note, this is not a recommendation from Owen, Raymond or the Rask Team. We have a current recommendation on Xero inside of our investment research membership, Rask Invest. Owen holds shares in Xero.

Our next Q&A session will be focused on answering your questions on share investing. The ENTIRE Rask Australia team will be on standby to answer your questions. So... SEND THEM IN! Email us at podcast@rask.com.au and use the subject line "SHARES MONTH". We'll prioritise your questions to be answered in our Q&A episode.

Episode transcript now available via the show notes page.

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Date recorded: 11th of May 2022

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