neuroscienceCME - Evolving Sleep-Wake Research: Implications for Improved Patient Outcomes, Part 3


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Evolving research in the field of sleep-wake medicine has offered insights regarding the linkage between sleep disturbances and adverse consequences related to performance, mood, behavior, and medical illness. Unremitting symptoms of excessive sleepiness related to sleep disordered breathing or circadian misalignment can have a significant impact on overall health and quality of life. As developments in the science of sleep-wake medicine emerge, there is a need to understand the implications of the data for clinical practice and for improved patient outcomes. In these interactive, evidence-based neuroscienceCME Journal Club sessions, the faculty will explore data on the genetic link to sleep loss and circadian misalignment, the impact of sleep disordered breathing on quality of life, and the neurobiology of sleep-wake control and translate the evidence into clinical insights that can improve patient outcomes. Featured Article: Beck P, Odle A, Wallace-Huitt T, Skinner R, Garcia-Rill E. Modafinil increases arousal determined by P13 potential amplitude: an effect blocked by gap junction antagonists. Sleep. 2008;31:1647-1654.

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