How Our Values Change Over Time


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In this episode, I discuss the evolution of our values in the different stages of our life. We have all heard the cliche phrase, "Enjoy being young, because as soon as you know it you'll be old like me!" And whenever I used to hear this saying, I would become discouraged because I assumed that we would just become victims of our circumstances of being old.
But, now I have realized that it's more about how our values will evolve as we become older. When we are young we are so adventurous, trying new things, and exploring what works for us and what doesn't. But, then as time goes on, some individuals want to give back to children and raise a family. They begin to settle down and spend more time with their kids instead of traveling all the time.
And this example shows me how it's not always a matter of the decisions being made for you, but what you want out of your life is evolving from stage to stage. If you are someone who wants to learn more about how our values change over time, tune in to this episode!

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