Videogame Timemachine


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We love videogames….and comics…..and movies…..and…..well I guess we just love fiction and we have a lot to say about it. Everything means something. Our passion for these mediums leads us to pull about the intricacies of their stories, and mechanics. We provide analysis, editorials and reviews of our favorite works of pop culture. Okay…. Good. Now that we got all that pretentious, grown-up, business fluff out of the way, a lot of the modern art we love is weird, strange and well, dumb. The industries that dispense them to us are polluted with own patented brand of bumper sticker thinking, and misunderstanding of their consumers. Yes we analysis the more meaningful parts of pop culture, but we play video games and read comic books because they are fun and talking about them should be too. We aim to provide a take that is as much humor as it is analysis, while providing a platform where a community of creative, likeminded nerds and nerdettes can feel at home.

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