Slicing Heaven: Tales, Poetry & Recipes from Slice of Heaven 24-Hr Pie Shop and Driving Range


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Welcome to the at the Slice of Heaven 24-Hour Pie Shop and Driving Range. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, but the rest of us will stay right here. It's a place where all-you-all can always leave your troubles behind. But let me make it clear, speaking for the staff and the regulars as well as myself. We are not saying you should actually leave your troubles here when you exit the premises. No, that's just plain crazy, and I for one can't use them. I have enough of my own.
I'm Barbara Jean Walsh, and I hope that as you listen in, you'll enjoy hearing about life at the Pie Shop as I share my reflections, golf tips, poetry, and pie recipes, with anyone who passes by. You'll meet some of my favorite people including The Morning Guy, my neighbor Sue Ten, my best friend Little Peach, and of course your second cousin Darnell. I'll take you along on my trips to the Island South of Miami and to the Big City, which is not Miami, and I'll invite you to share your own questions about life and the happiness of pursuit with me.
So drop in any time, and stay as long as you like. We're open 24-hours a day. And if you can't wait to find out what happens next, just go buy a copy of my book — Slicing Heaven, by Barbara Jean Walsh — at Amazon or from your favorite bookseller. Thanks!

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