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Taiwan Report covers the important stories that affect Taiwan and is hosted by veterans of Taiwan news and politics since 2019. Almost every day we give you perspectives on Taiwan along with transcripts and stories we love. New shows are coming all the time. All the podcasts in the Taiwan Report network are on this feed. Website - report.tw Facebook - facebook.com/thetaiwanreport Youtube - youtube.com/taiwanreport Twitter - twitter.com/taiwanreport
用台語說人生小故事,歡迎來粉專留言或填表單喔!!! facebook粉絲專頁: https://reurl.cc/q8zdkN google表單留言: https://forms.gle/EtrmZ46PrfdgSRAt7 wordpress : https://wp.me/PddgEW-3 如果想要小額與我分享一杯咖啡的朋友,也可以利用以下網址,隨意捐款喔! 贊助連結 : https://p.ecpay.com.tw/758720F
Talking Taiwan is a Golden Crane Award Winner and the longest running Taiwan-related podcast. Hosted by Felicia Lin, it's about the interesting people and stories connected to Taiwan and Taiwan's global community – in Taiwan, the US, and around the world. Listen and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, and everywhere - or on www.talkingtaiwan.com.
Learn Taiwanese Mandarin is a podcast aimed at intermediate to advanced learners.It’s all in Chinese(from the 4th episode), and if there are advanced words, I will explain them using slower and easier Chinese words and sentences! You will also learn some culture knowledge about Taiwan. With more episodes coming out, I'll also teach you some useful Taiwanese/Hokkien. 跟我一起用中文學習中文吧!Website: https://lear-taiwanese-mandarin.webnode.tw/(Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com)
A bilingual podcast featuring personal stories by people of Taiwanese heritage. 雙語訪跟台灣人、華僑、華裔訪談. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @twdiaspora. Show notes: www.taiwanesediaspora.com. Email: hello@taiwanesediaspora.com. Support: https://ko-fi.com/twdiaspora. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/twdiaspora/support
資訊停看聽.台灣評交道。 成為守護台灣的網路媒體是我們的初衷與理念,我們會統整最新社會議題與資訊、分享我們的觀點與故事,讓我們與您一起走向未來。 由臉書「停班停課最新通知 Taiwan Alerts」團隊全體成員經營的Podcast頻道節目。 ——— 👇🏼【停班停課最新通知 Taiwan Alerts】👇🏼 臉書粉專|https://twalert.pse.is/PX5R5 (可透過原生App開啟) Email|news@twalert.com Powered by Firstory Hosting
The history of Taiwan (1600 C.E. - 2000) told through interesting stories in a non-chronological order. John Ross is an author and publisher of works on Taiwan and China, while Eryk Michael Smith has worked as a writer and journalist for several media outlets in Taiwan. Both hosts have lived in Taiwan for well over 20 years and call the island home. Email: formosafiles@gmail.com
As kids of immigrants from Taiwan, our Asian identity started with beef noodle soup and ended with Chinese school. Now that we’re adults, we’ve found that we still have a lot to learn about Taiwan’s history and its unique culture. Cousins Annie Wang and Angela Yu share their journey as they discover their family’s heritage and celebrate Taiwanese culture in the context of the Asian American experience.
Talk Taiwanese Mandarin with Abby

Talk Taiwanese Mandarin with Abby

Real Life Mandarin 台灣 |文化 |旅行|生活

Are you tired of boring Chinese lessons that don't teach you the way that natives really speak? Join Abby to explore Taiwan while improving your Mandarin listening skills and learning to talk like a native Mandarin speaker! (Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels) 透過各種話題的分享,希望讓外國朋友們在學習中文的同時能更認識台灣:) ► Transcripts in Traditional and Simplified Chinese are available on TalkTaiwaneseMandarin.com or my Patreon ► Support my work: https://talktaiwanesemandarin.com/support/ Tips: Change speed ...
台湾の最新のトレンドを紹介しています。 また、台湾最大のインターネットフォーラムであるPTTを利用して、台湾のネチズンの意見を紹介する 中国語がなくても、台湾のsnsでトレンドになっていることを理解できる 人気の話題以外にも、台湾人が日本をどう思っているのか Powered by Firstory Hosting
Do you want to learn how Mandarin Chinese is spoken in Taiwan? Hit that play button, and find out! 100% Chinese content to help you learn the language naturally. Topics I will share with you: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese culture, language learning tips, expat life in Japan, and much more! Read the transcripts of each episode on my website 台味語言TheTaiwaneseWay: https://www.thetaiwaneseway.com Support me on Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/thetaiwaneseway Follow me on social media to get extra info on C ...
Hosts Michael Turton (麥哲恩) and Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) tackle recent Taiwan political news and give their analysis. Part of the Taiwan Report network at www.report.tw Visit our website - report.tw Facebook - facebook.com/thetaiwanreport Youtube - youtube.com/taiwanreport Twitter - twitter.com/taiwanreport
Hello我是雪榕,曾在蘇格蘭讀研究所、德國讀語言學校、日本打工度假,我會在節目跟你分享我和朋友的海內外的生活觀察,你也有可能聽到我哭爸時事、討論社會議題或跟你閒話家常,讓我陪你度過你的日常吧。 Powered by Firstory Hosting
KKBOX、SoundOn、Firstory 三大台灣本土平台首度攜手舉辦Podcast年會「PodFest TAIWAN 2021」,五場產業講座、專屬社交空間,還有現場獨家「有地現約」行動錄音室企劃活動,不僅為 2020Podcast 風潮作小結,同時更展望 2021 未來趨勢。 Powered by Firstory Hosting
Bringing you a range of experiences related to travel and life abroad, and LIFE PERIOD, shared through the series "Stories I Haven't Shared Yet," interviews and much more. You might even get a laugh or two. I'm Taiwanda Bason, the Border Breaking Specialist. One of my dreams is traveling the world, and I'm doing it. I've been a teacher more than 10 years to thousands of students of all ages and backgrounds in the USA, KSA, South Korea, Peru and China, as well as online. I provide consultatio ...
Ruth's Taiwan Diaries 新台妹的台灣定居日記 我是目前定居在台北的新加坡唱作人 所以稱自己為新台妹,新加坡的新,台灣的台 通過PODCAST分享在台灣的音樂,生活和心情!! 魏妙如FB粉專:http://facebook.com/ruthmiaoru 魏妙如IG: @ruthmiaoru Powered by Firstory Hosting
台湾中国語留学エージェントのTIL space語言交流空間を運営しています。 台湾人妻のシェラと言語交換形式で毎回テーマについて話し合います。 台湾留学に興味のある人にはピッタリの内容となっています。 語学の勉強は楽しく長く続けていければいいですね。 海外で起業して約7年の奮闘記です。起業、マーケティングでのトライアンドエラーや旅行の雑談など海外をテーマに幅広く配信していきます。 youtubeチャンネルはTIL spaceでお探し下さい。 Anchorでコラボしてくれる方募集中です。海外系、言語系、留学系、文化の違い系、国際カップル系などなどなんでも話せると思います。お待ちしてます。 <日本人向けサポート> ・台湾への留学サポート https://www.plattaiwan.com/taiwan-study/ HP 語言交換活動 https://tilspace.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tilspace.home/
The Taiwan Take

The Taiwan Take

Ghost Island Media 鬼島之音

A current affairs podcast on Taiwan and the world. Every episode, we invite a journalist to a conversation with an expert to get the big picture context of what we need to know. These are global issues, and this is The Taiwan Take. Nominated for Best News Podcast at 2020 Excellent Journalism Award in Taiwan. Produced by Ghost Island Media in Taipei, Taiwan. 2020年台灣卓越新聞獎 Podcast 新聞獎入圍者.這是一個專門討論臺灣時事的訪談性英文節目, 以「縱觀世界議題,以臺灣觀點論述」為主軸,由記者採訪跨領域專家、名人與來賓等,第一手將臺灣的故事推向國際. 鬼島之音製作播出.
大家好,我們是「社團法人台中市國際印尼關懷協會(GICA)」,歡迎收聽SINTA中台灣印尼之聲,主要分享印尼移工在台灣的故事以及會遇到的困難,希望能促進台印文化交流,展現多元平權且和樂共榮的社群融合。 Halo semuanya, kami adalah "Global Indonesia Caring Association (GICA)", selamat mendengarkan SINTA (Suara Indonesia di Taiwan Tengah) , kami berbagi cerita tentang pekerja migran Indonesia di Taiwan dan kesulitan yang akan mereka hadapi, berharap untuk mempromosikan budaya Taiwan dan Indonesia, menunjukkan integrasi sosial keragaman dan kesetaraan dan harmoni dan kemakmuran. facebook:社團法人臺中市 ...
Are you an intermediate/advanced Chinese student? Need to brush up on your listening skills? This podcast if for anyone who is interested in learning the sexier side of Chinese. With topics ranging from fetishes and porn to gender equality and eating disorders, we discuss the topics you just won't find in Practical Chinese Reader or on Chinesepod! Get ready to get stimulated by an American guy and Taiwanese girl as we get down and dirty.
❀An online Mandarin Teacher from Taiwan, I'd like to share Chinese Classical Literature with my voice -Taiwan Accent- to the world. ❀一名線上中文老師;用台灣腔讀(读)中國古代文學(学) ✨Sponsor me a cup of coffee☕ ➡️ https://payment.ecpay.com.tw/Broadcaster/Donate/D4DB69174BD3057CF5BDCD84264125E2 认同我的理念和付出,欢迎经上方赞助或来信,谢谢 認同我的理念和付出,歡迎經上方贊助或來信,謝謝 Powered by Firstory Hosting
Bite-size Taiwanese is a podcast giving you a taste of real, everyday Taiwanese. Co-hosts Phil & Alan will guide you through the ins and outs of the Taiwanese language (Southern Min/Hokkien) with light-hearted, fun (and occasionally funny) conversations on how it’s used in Taiwan. The Newbie podcast is geared towards newcomers to this language and will handily equip visitors with basic survival Taiwanese skills. Listen to our other podcasts: Bite-size | Elementary, Bite-size | Pronounce it l ...
Bite-size Taiwanese is a podcast giving you a taste of real, everyday Taiwanese. Co-hosts Phil & Alan will guide you through the ins and outs of the Taiwanese language (Southern Min/Hokkien) with light-hearted, fun (and sometimes funny) conversations on how it’s used in Taiwan. The Elementary podcast is geared towards those who already have a background in the language and expands on useful, commonly heard phrases. Listen to our other podcasts: Bite-size | Newbie, Bite-size | Pronounce it li ...
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本節新聞重點: ▲鵝肉店聚餐6hr確診+1 和行員足跡重疊 ▲第6條傳播鏈引爆 專家:月底估累計540例 ▲去過西堤拖10天通報 桃檢公務員:沒看新聞 ▲第3劑打氣「燙」! 民眾搶嘸莫德納向里長抱怨 ▲恐釀系統故障 美國5G機場服務延後啟用 ▲「現有就夠了」 佛契:不需研發Omicron專屬疫苗 ▲新都處印尼中心戰略位置 基礎建設相對完整 |更多新聞| ◎台視新聞訂閱→https://www.youtube.com/c/ttvnewsview ◎台視直播訂閱→https://www.youtube.com/c/twlivenews ◎台視臉書粉絲團訂閱→https://www.facebook.com/ttvnews/ ◎台視新聞IG訂閱→https://www.instagram.com/…
早安英文: 🔅Food Security 糧食安全 🔅Food Safty 食品安全 【社群話題】 (00:08:15) 微軟宣布以690億美元,收購美國遊戲巨擘動視暴雪公司 【今日新聞】 (00:11:00) 新聞盤點 (00:12:16) 北京冬奧取消公開售票:為防 Omicron 擴散,限組織特定民眾到現場觀賽 (00:15:00) 5G引航空危機?5G潛在干擾可能影響飛機儀器,可能讓飛機無法使用 (00:17:53) 德國要求中國停止貿易脅迫:要求解除對立陶宛和歐盟脅迫措施 (00:22:43) 研究:十億農損因臭氧汙染。汽車或工業排放的臭氧汙染 【全球串連】 (00:27:17) Egbert-台灣:微軟收購動視暴雪後,可能的影響與發展 (00:31:10) Arthur-科羅拉多…
Hosts Annie Wang and Angela Yu kick off Season 2 with an interview of Abigail Hing Wen, author of New York Times bestseller Loveboat, Taipei which is currently being filmed in Taiwan starring Ashley Jiao, Ross Butler, Nico Hiraga, and Chelsea Zhang. The Young Adult novel’s sequel Loveboat Reunion hits bookshelves January 25. We learned how Abigail'…
A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: I’m always interested in listening to other podcasts and to learn about Taiwan-related ones. Late last year I heard about the Bilingual aka Bailingguo (百靈果) News Podcast because there was an episode that generated some heated discussion on Forumosa.com, among English-speaking foreigners in Taiwan. Forumo…
In the mid-1990s Taiwanese politicians got together, and, after much wrangling, settled on a national health insurance system that today is the envy of many countries around the world. Here's the story of how we got to a single-payer, government-subsidized, mandatory program that provides more than decent care at incredibly decent rates. While not …
Priya Lalwani-Purswaney, also known as 李眉君, is a professional interpreter of Chinese, English, and Hindi, and an organizer of Indian cultural events in Taiwan. ICRT's Trevor Tortomasi speaks with Priya about her experience growing up in Taiwan, her work as a simultaneous interpreter, and her role as a cultural bridge between India and Taiwan. You c…
Hou Yu-ih targets a national audience, bucking party & politics with a personal & political manifesto, to the fury of many in the KMT. He clearly intends to get his name known for a different brand of politics before 2024’s presidential race. Associated Article: (Coming Later) More Podcasts at www.report.tw or anchor.fm/taiwanreport and consider sp…
主題書籍:《吃的台灣史》 俗話說「民以食為天」,在琳琅滿目到台灣美食中,最具代表性的是哪一個呢? 有人獨厚珍奶,有人端出牛肉麵,但你知道台灣人什麼時候開始吃牛?什麼時候把粉圓加入奶茶裡嗎? 本集節目由主持人士博及B編帶你一起,從《吃的台灣史》一書出發,聊聊我們心目中最對味的「台灣味」,也一起探討台灣各種飲食文化的誕生與現象。 延伸閱讀: 《吃的台灣史》電子書 https://readmoo.com/book/210204122000101 📖 布克新聞 📖 📖 每週四 1700更新 Podcast | https://reurl.cc/E79zEn Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2Cg6ffY SoundOn | https://reurl.cc/R4Z1aD IG …
好久不見啦!冬天是我們的粉專休眠期,再度上來跟大家聊聊~ 小額贊助支持本節目: https://pay.firstory.me/user/taiwan-opinions 留言告訴我你對這一集的想法: https://open.firstory.me/story/ckxr15y5m1n7m08163upjw9xt?m=comment Powered by Firstory Hosting
Do you want to learn how Mandarin Chinese is spoken in Taiwan? Hit that play button, and find out! 100% Chinese content to help you learn naturally. What you will learn in this episode 這集你會學到的東西: (00:00:00) 開頭 (00:01:07) 公投是什麼? (00:02:33) 議題:要重啟核四嗎? (00:03:30) 燃煤發電、能源轉型 (00:04:30) 能源轉型是什麼? (00:05:53) 核四的爭議 (00:06:49) 議題:第三天然氣接收站應不應該遷離有藻礁的海岸? (00:07…
Share 6 Taiwanese podcasts I've listened to and like (as a podcaster and a picky listener?). They are good for upper-intermediate to advanced Chinese listening practice. 應聽眾要求,分享幾個我聽過、覺得不錯的台灣podcasts節目給你們。 ► Video Version of this episode(Subtitles: English & Chinese): https://youtu.be/AOLimX3lx1U ► Download the PDF Study Sheet (Transcripts in Tradi…
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